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Although it is not required that a real estate purchaser or seller have a real estate attorney, it is highly advisable. No one will protect your interests at closing if you do not have your own legal advocate present.

Your Biggest Investment

A home sale or purchase is the greatest single investment or transaction of a lifetime for most individuals. To schedule a consultation with an experienced Illinois residential real estate attorney who will take your interests very seriously, contact Bonnie Spaccarelli Hannon, P.C.

Is the Title Clear?

There are many legal pitfalls involved in any real estate transaction. A basic question that is important for both buyer and seller to verify is whether the title is clear on the property before closing. In the event that it the title is not clear, the sale may fall through, or future time bombs may be set into motion that will have devastating consequences down the road.

Things that a Prospective Owner Should Not Accept

While a real estate lender evaluates details of a pending real estate transaction, there are things that the lender can live with that the prospective owner should not live with. It will be too late to remedy the damage done once the closing transaction has been completed.

Contact an Illinois Real Estate Lawyer Who is a Title Agent

Illinois real estate lawyer Bonnie Spaccarelli Hannon, P.C., offers knowledge and value to clients in part through her affiliation with title companies. As an agent for title companies, she is well acquainted with a wide range of title issues and resolutions to the benefit of her real estate clients.

Residential and Commercial Real Estate Services

To discuss any issue involving residential or mixed residential commercial or multifamily dwellings, 1031 tax-deferred like-kind exchanges, title issues, or other matters concerning real estate, contact Bonnie Spaccarelli Hannon, P.C.