Medicaid Planning

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Gifting is a large part of comprehensive Medicaid planning for most people contemplating the possibility of long-term care. Powers of attorney are another important aspect of Medicaid planning. To begin or continue a meaningful dialog with an experienced Illinois Medicaid planning lawyer, contact the law offices of Bonnie Spaccarelli Hannon, P.C.

Legal Counsel on Asset Protection

Attorney Bonnie Spaccarelli Hannon, P.C., has a great deal of respect for the laws of the land, and she never advocates that clients attempt to defraud the government in any way. Rather, she informs, guides, and assists those thoughtful, honest citizens who wish to explore all reasonable means of passing on assets with the goal of creating a lasting legacy.

Revocable Trusts, Gifting, Real Estate

Part of every initial consultation with Illinois Medicaid planning lawyer Bonnie Spaccarelli Hannon is a clear discussion of the differences in definition and usefulness of revocable trusts and irrevocable trusts: essentially, the difference between personal financial management and true gifting. Through revocable trusts, irrevocable trusts, and special needs trusts, many people are able to make the most of their resources. Clients’ health care concerns, real estate transaction plans, and legacy goals are reconcilable through the experienced legal counsel of Bonnie Spaccarelli Hannon, P.C.

Nursing Home, Long-Term Care Insurance Evaluation

Other aspects of Medicaid planning include evaluation of potential nursing homes: is a particular nursing home accredited? Does it have the desirable number of Medicaid beds? A discussion long-term care insurance is part of the total picture in the Medicaid planning services of Bonnie Spaccarelli Hannon, P.C. Does the long-term care insurance allow for home care as an alternative to nursing home residence?

To schedule an initial consultation on Medicaid planning, estate planning, wills, trusts, guardianships, or any other elder law matter, contact Illinois elder law attorney Bonnie Spaccarelli Hannon, P.C.